Cheaply and Easily Redecorate Your Home


How to redecorate your house on a budget

The last several months have had most of us stuck inside our apartments, staring at the same four walls. Perhaps you're getting an itch to redecorate and spruce everything up. If you find yourself scrolling wishfully through home goods websites, we can help. Redoing your home doesn’t have to break the bank! Read on for some tips and tricks.

Rearrange everything

While this is probably the most obvious solution, the simple effect of moving everything around can give you a completely new perspective on your home. Try small things at first, like rearranging the artwork on your walls, and moving around some cushions or carpets. If this simple transformation isn’t enough for you, take it even further by rearranging large furniture. Put the couch on the other side of the room, move the dining table next to a window so you can look out while you eat, face your bed to a different direction. You’ll feel like you’re in a totally new flat by the end! Just be sure not to scratch the floors or scuff the walls.

Home redecoration doesn't have to be expensive or limited to a certain time of year.

Add texture

Little touches like pillows, blankets, small rugs, and so on may not seem like much, but just by adding one or two items to a room can make the space look much more inviting. It's an easy way to redecorate your home without doing anything huge. And these don’t have to be expensive! It’s relatively easy to find pillowcases for less than 10€, and blankets don’t need to be much more to look cosy and add a pop of colour. If you’re crafty, why not try knitting or crocheting something nice to throw over the bed or the couch? Handmade decor will add character and personality to a room, a trend we're seeing more of in 2021. These details and accessories can transform a space, especially smaller spaces like apartments.

Change up the lighting

Any Hollywood director will tell you that lighting is everything when it comes to creating moods. And it’s no different to the lighting in your apartment! Try turning off the overhead and adding more lamps to a room. This will soften the lighting and make your home feel much more inviting and relaxing. If you want to take it to another level, break out the Christmas lights and string them up around your walls for instant cheer and cosiness. If that’s not your style, something as small as candles and lanterns will add that soft serenity to transform your apartment into an oasis of calm.

Get creative when decorating! Why not try to make your own art to hang on the walls?

Get creative

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at painting? You don’t have to repaint a whole room to add colour and life to your walls. A few canvases from the arts and crafts section will do just fine. Look up some inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram and create your own masterpiece. Simple triptychs or abstract shapes in muted tones aren’t hard to replicate and can transform your walls. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a new hobby! If you're not feeling very artistic, however, there are many excellent decor shops in Berlin which sell amazing handcrafted pieces and prints from independent artists. Why not check them out?

Adding some plants is an inexpensive way to spruce up your home.

Go green

Plants are an easy and effective way to bring your apartment to life. Not only do flowers and greenery look pretty, but they can also improve the air quality in your home. If you’re new to plant caretaking, start with something easy and hard to kill, like succulents or a cactus. You can put small plants like these up on shelves to add some extra décor. If you’ve got a green thumb, why not welcome a small tree into your home? These little pops of life around your apartment will make you feel closer to nature, even if you don’t have an outdoor space.

Mood-lifting home decoration

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It's not something you have to do every month or even once a year, but a home redecoration after spending so much time indoors will surely lift your mood and bring some inspiration and freshness into your house! Simple changes and additions like these will make a world of difference, and soon you won’t even recognize your home. Have fun with your transformations!

Written by:

Catherine Norris

Tennessee native Catherine loves writing about her new home in Berlin. From interior design inspiration to new developments in the German real estate market, Catherine’s got it covered.

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