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Foodies' paradise: Leipzig's best 20 restaurants

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History of Leipzig cuisine

If you want to go out to eat in Leipzig, we strongly recommend that you also pay attention to restaurants that offer the typical cuisine of the city, because there is a lot to discover here. Culinary creations in Leipzig have always differed from the dishes of the surrounding Saxon countryside, because the city was already characterized by prosperity even in the past. This also had an effect on the ingredients used in the dishes, which were usually more expensive than, for example, in the rather poor Ore Mountains. The best example is the famous Leipziger Allerlei, which, in addition to classic vegetable ingredients such as cauliflower, onions, beans or carrots, also includes crayfish in a tasty sauce. Another delicacy is the Leipziger Lerche, a special type of pastry made of shortbread, marzipan and jam. The Leipziger Räbchen, created in the 18th century, features ingredients such as prunes and marzipan, which at that time were available mainly to the well-to-do. The traditional dessert is still available in many restaurants today, often in combination with the typical Saxon coffee speciality, the "Scheelchen Heeßen".

Culinary diversity in the city of change

As a metropolis and a major European economic hub, Leipzig has a lot of variety to offer when it comes to its selection of restaurants and eateries. Those looking for a Mexican restaurant in Leipzig will find what they are looking for, as will friends of Italian, Greek, Asian or home-style cooking. Thanks to its geographical location near Eastern Europe, fans of Eastern European or Russian creations can also enjoy a great range of delicacies in the independent city. Good restaurants in Leipzig can be found in almost every part of the city. Anyone who needs tips for restaurants in Leipzig is therefore well advised to find out in advance exactly what the options are.

In Leipzig you can enjoy a wide range of culinary diversity.

Top 20 restaurants in Leipzig

To make your choice a little easier, we have compiled our favorite restaurant recommendations for you. There are plenty of good restaurants in Leipzig - these are our highlights:

1 Viet Village Leipzig

Fans of Asian cuisine will love Viet Village, where guests can get the best street food and delicious specialties, ranging from curry to Vietnamese specialties. The casual ambience regularly invites numerous guests to linger.

2 Glashaus Leipzig in Clarapark

The Glashaus has been in existence since the 1960s and is located in the middle of Clarapark. Visitors enjoy a magnificent view in summer as well as in winter while having a delicious brunch or coffee and cake from the in-house pastry shop.

3 Spizz Jazz & Musicclub

Located directly on Leipzig's market square, Spizz is one of the city's true cult establishments. Breakfast is available until 12 a.m., and at lunchtime and in the evening you can order tasty burgers and sandwiches, pasta dishes or small snacks - late into the night.

4 Shiki Leipzig

At Shiki, you'll get to know Asian upscale cuisine in a modern setting. The sushi creations, which are prepared in the visible sushi kitchen, are particularly popular. Here, the emphasis is on exquisite, high-quality and fresh ingredients. Guests experience a relaxing evening at Shiki with delicious food and cocktails.

5 Ristorante La Grotta

If you're looking for a good Italian restaurant in Leipzig, La Grotta is the ideal choice. The inn is also known beyond Leipzig's city limits for its delicious, high-quality dishes and is considered the best place to go for Italian fare ranging from antipasti to pizza and pasta to fish and meat products.

6 Restaurant Drogerie

If you want to enjoy daily changing dishes with French flair and a cozy fireplace, the wine bar and restaurant Drogerie in Gohlis is exactly the place to be. You can expect a select repertoire of regional as well as international wines and exquisite brandies. Look forward to excellent flavors!

7 Restaurant Falco

If you want to admire Leipzig from above while you dine, you can't miss the Falco, which is located 100 meters above the city. Some say this place has the best pizza in Leipzig, which you can enjoy on the 27th floor with an impressive view.

8 Restaurant Cafe Madrid

Spanish joie de vivre with all the variety the tapas world has to offer you - that's what you'll find at Madrid. From meat and fish creations to vegetarian vegetable tapas, soups, salads and potato dishes, you'll get everything Spanish cuisine has to offer here.

9 Zchâcá Vietnamese Food Culture

Vietnamese-inspired upscale dining culture interpreted in a modern way awaits you here in an upscale setting. At Zchâcá, traditional creations are given a whole new twist and are freshly prepared in the kitchen, which is open to guests.

10 Auerbachs Keller Leipzig

The city's restaurant can be found in the famous Mädlerpassage. Visitors are spoiled with traditional, hearty cuisine, cocktails and live music. Wine lovers are also guaranteed to find what they are looking for at the inn. The restaurant is basically a must for anyone who makes it here.

Leipzig restaurants offer diverse cuisine options ranging from traditional to international gourmet.

11 Zest Leipzig

Here you can enjoy purely meat-free. The vegetarian-vegan restaurant in Connewitz offers hip plant-based cuisine in a wide variety. In addition, the house has a cozy rustic ambience and therefore regularly attracts visitors from all over the city.

12 Little Italy Leipzig

If you have a soft spot for individual restaurants with an urban flair, you should definitely get to know Little Italy in the Plagwitz district. The establishment combines genuine kitchen craftsmanship with enjoyment and a relaxed ambience.

13 Pata Negra

Located in the south of the city is the Spaniard, whose name ("Black Paw") is borrowed from the dark ham of the Iberico pig. Paella, tapas, delicious wines - here no wishes remain open.

14 Gosenschenke Ohne Bedenken

The Gosenschenke owes its name to Gose, the sour beer that originated in Goslar. It is the last tavern of its kind and delights fans of craft beer, accompanied by traditional Old Saxon dishes.

15 Gopalast Leipzig

This Far Eastern restaurant offers Asian cuisine in all its diversity. The live cooking on the Teppanyaki grill has real event character, and the Mongolian buffet also leaves nothing to be desired.

16 Restaurant Goldene Krone

At Goldene Krone, guests are served Vietnamese delicacies with meat, fish or in vegetarian versions. Particularly noteworthy here is the Asian ambience created by the detailed interior design.

17 Deli Leipzig

The Deli is a real paradise for vegetarians and vegans, as it offers traditional cuisine interpreted meat-free, which is truly worth seeing, as well as exquisite desserts that are in no way inferior to the non-vegan alternatives. Therefore, the Connewitzer restaurant is also always very well attended.

18 Mytropolis Restaurant

If you're looking for a high-quality Greek restaurant in Leipzig, you'll find it at Mytropolis. Located in a magnificent Art Nouveau villa, it combines fresh Greek cuisine with a great atmosphere.

19 Olea

Guests can enjoy an extraordinarily varied menu at this restaurant on Lindenauer Markt. Mediterranean cuisine in all its variety can be found in this restaurant gem with a relaxed flair.

20 Genussreich Restaurant

If you've always wanted to enjoy the full range of flavors and tastes, there's no way around Genussreich. The menu changes every 14 days and includes high-quality meat and fish dishes, but also always has a vegetarian creation ready.

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