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Berlin vs. Leipzig: Which city is better?

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Is Leipzig the better Berlin?

Nowadays, anyone who compares these two cities with one another comes across the phrase "Leipzig is the new Berlin." In fact, the Saxon city offers many advantages, especially for young people, which are also attributed to the capital of Germany. It has a young, lively culture and an attractive, green cityscape with numerous leisure opportunities and excellent educational opportunities. However, housing prices in Leipzig are comparatively low, while in Berlin they are showing steady growth, especially in the popular districts and neighbourhoods. These are all factors that actually speak for Leipzig being the better Berlin. However, the capital still has its charms. Above all, the international flair it exudes is unique. If you know your way around the real estate market here, you can still find affordable housing in Berlin, as long as you are flexible in your choice of neighbourhood. Especially in the outlying districts, Berlin's housing prices are more affordable than is often assumed.

Quality of life in Berlin vs Leipzig

The quality of living and the variety of leisure options are great, regardless of whether you decide to live in Leipzig or Berlin. As Germany's capital, Berlin offers the right environment for almost every taste, whether you like it quiet, cozy and close to nature or prefer trendy neighbourhoods with a lively, urban flair. Life in Berlin is characterized by its variety, the size of the city, and its multicultural character. In contrast to Berlin, which is visited by many tourists, the Saxon city of Leipzig has a more iconic character. Nevertheless, Leipzig does not have to hide behind Berlin in a city comparison, as it offers a quality of life that is just as high as that of the capital, which it owes to the many green spaces as well as the extensive offerings from the areas of sports, art and culture, and the diverse nature. Leipzig is considered large enough to provide a variety of experiences, but at the same time it is sufficiently manageable to avoid falling into anonymity.

The quality of living is great, regardless of whether you choose Leipzig or Berlin.

Population growth and housing construction

In the last ten years, Leipzig has recorded an enormous population growth, which was partly due to the large number of students who have settled here. The city is ideal for young people who are looking for a scene environment, but who cannot or do not want to pay high housing prices. While there was still a high vacancy rate here a few years ago, the housing market in Leipzig is also becoming increasingly tight. Word has long since spread about the city's popularity. Real estate buyers are increasingly switching from Berlin to Leipzig to invest their money in property there. Berlin's population is also still rising, but not to the same extent as a decade ago. This, combined with many residential projects completed in recent years, has ensured that the real estate situation there has eased somewhat, even though a shortage of housing still prevails and this is not expected to change in the near future.

Jobs and economic output

One of the biggest differences between the two cities is the economic structure. Berlin is regarded as an ideal location for start-ups, with several hundred new companies being founded each year. The capital's economy is characterized by its high level of globalization and digitalization. Leipzig is also home to a number of major employers, including BMW, DHL, Amazon, and Lufthansa. In terms of startups, however, there is definitely still potential here. Nevertheless, Leipzig has a locational advantage thanks to its location in the metropolitan region of Central Germany, which is why it can be assumed that some companies will settle here in the future to benefit from this advantage.

Facts about Berlin and Leipzig

Differences between Berlin and Leipzig exist primarily in terms of population figures. While the capital has 3,700,000 inhabitants and a population density of 4,100 inhabitants per square kilometer, Leipzig has a total of only 600,000 inhabitants. Here, 1,950 inhabitants live per square kilometer. The unemployment rate is 7.7 percent in Berlin and 6.3 percent in Leipzig. In Berlin, which has long been considered the "crime capital of the world," crime has also fallen by ten percent in recent years. Leipzig has also seen a reduction in crime statistics. In addition, it has a very good infrastructure for its city size, including several highways, an international airport, an excellently developed suburban rail network, and several bus and streetcar lines. Berlin's infrastructure is also excellent. Two airports as well as an extensive public transport network enable a high degree of mobility within the entire city.

The alternative to the metropolis on the Spree

Berlin is one of the most popular cities in Germany, and this likely will not change in the future. It has a unique character and thus attracts people from all over the world. Nevertheless, Leipzig has been developing into a real alternative to the metropolis on the Spree for some years now, at least for some groups of people. Young people appreciate the creative freedom they have in the Saxon city, as well as the lower housing prices. It can therefore be assumed that population growth will continue to rise in the near future. This is helped by the high quality of life that Leipzig creates. In addition, many of the city's new residents appreciate its manageability, because despite its urban flair and growth, Leipzig has so far managed to retain its special charm and iconic character.

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