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Berlin - The City of Contrasts

Berlin has always been a cosmopolitan city full of contrasts and therefore holds an unbelievable attraction for people from all around the world. Over the years people have come here to live and work, and thus have helped to shape the city. Find out more about the famous personalities who have lived in Berlin and made the city into what it is today - a vibrant metropolis.

David Bowie

There are few international pop stars that have influenced Berlin as much as David Bowie. In 1976, he came to Berlin to recover from the star hype and drugs, but also to find a new sound there. He was already enthusiastic about German avant-garde bands such as Neu! and Kraftwerk, and so he experimented with electronic sounds together with his companion Brian Eno.

For two years he lived in an apartment in Schöneberg and at times had a well-known roommate in Iggy Pop. At that time, West Berlin was a hip place with many subcultures, little glamour but many trends that inspired him. During his time in Berlin, he released three albums, "Heroes", "Low" and "Lodger". They are known as the Berlin Trilogy.

He recorded his albums in Hansa recording studios in the Meistersaal Kreuzberg and was often seen in the queer café "Anderes Ufer", in "Chez Haag" or in the "Paris Bar" in Charlottenburg. Furthermore, he danced in the club "Jungle" and ate at the "Exil restaurant" in Kreuzberg.

After moving away from Berlin, David Bowie became an honorary citizen of the city and of course kept coming back for concerts. He gave his last concert in 2003 in the Max-Schmeling-Halle.

Albert Einstein

In 1913, Max Planck succeeded in persuading Einstein to become a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin. Einstein arrived in April 1914 and lived with his family in Dalem, Zehlendorf, although his wife and children soon returned to Zurich because of private differences. Since Einstein was freed from all teaching activities by the university, he found time to complete his work on the general theory of relativity. So, he was able to publish them in 1916, along with a paper on the Einstein-de-Haas effect.

If you have a look at Albert Einstein's time in Berlin, you get aware of the many places where the famous physicist worked. There is the building of the Prussian Academy of Sciences, today part of the Unter den Linden State Library. Or the Friedrich Wilhelm University, now the Humboldt University, where Einstein gave the first lecture on the theory of relativity in 1915.

In 1922 Albert Einstein bought a gazebo in the Spandau district Scharfe Lanke, which he affectionately called his castle. He spent numerous weekends there enjoying the nature.

During his time in Berlin, David Bowie released three albums

Marlene Dietrich

The film star was born and brought up in Berlin-Schöneberg. After graduating from school, she continued her education for another year at the Berlin Academy of Music but soon had to drop out due to health problems. In 1922, she auditioned for the first time at an acting school and shortly afterwards was cast by the renowned theater director Max Reinhardt in his production of "The Taming of the Shrew".

In 1930, she gave her the leading role in the movie "Der Blaue Engel" with Hans Albers. The film was a great success for everyone involved and marked Marlene Dietrich's international breakthrough.

When the National Socialists took power in Germany in 1933 and the Enabling Act came into force, she moved to the USA. She became active as an anti-fascist by supporting Jewish emigrants and taking a stand against war in numerous songs. Although the National Socialist government attempted to persuade her to return to Germany by offering her attractive roles, she consistently refused and even decided to become a citizen of the USA.

In 1945, she returned to Berlin shortly for the funeral of her mother. Only in 1960 she came back to Berlin as part of a concert tour. Although she faced severe hostility from the press and the public calling her a traitor, she always felt connected to her hometown. She even named her autobiography "Thank God I'm a Berliner". After her death in Paris in 1992 she was buried in Berlin Schöneberg according to her wishes.

Daniel Brühl

As the son of the German TV director Hanno Brühl and a Spanish teacher Daniel Brühl lives partly in Berlin and in Barcelona.

Missing a decent tortilla like there is in Spain, he opened the Bar Raval in Kreuzberg in 2011. Of course, Daniel Brühl is very busy and rarely seen there, but you can find his style in the restaurant and in the dishes served.

He loves to spend time in the Treptower Park. He describes the park in the eastern part of the city as an exciting place steeped in history. Especially the Soviet War Memorial fascinates him, where up to this day, fresh flowers are laid. From there he likes to go on trips to the Rummelsburg Bay.

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