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Bathroom renovation ideas: How to renovate cheaply and effectively


Stress-free bathroom renovation

Renovating the bathroom is a time-consuming project. Nevertheless, it makes sense to carry it out after a certain amount of time has passed, especially if minor defects may already have occurred, such as moisture or peeling paint. Anyone planning to renovate the bathroom is well advised to think carefully in advance. Sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. So first collect ideas and consider above all what measures your bathroom allows. Interior bathrooms without windows or small bathrooms usually already limit the possibilities due to the smaller space. The costs of a bathroom renovation should also be factored into the planning. Ideally, set a realistic maximum budget. Get quotes from craftsmen to estimate the financial outlay correctly. Experts are also directly able to give you expert advice on the renovation work that makes sense. Also, think carefully about whether you need a replacement shower for the time of the renovation and where you can use it, because the bathroom may not be usable for a few days or even weeks.


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Tenant's claim to bathroom renovation

In principle, according to German tenancy law, tenants have no right to require the landlord to renovate the bathroom. Simple signs of wear and tear, such as tiles that are no longer as attractive, must be accepted by the tenant. In the case of faulty or non-functional sanitary facilities, however, the landlord is obliged to repair or rectify the situation. However, if the tenant wants to renovate the bathroom on his own and at his own expense and thus make structural changes, the landlord has the final say as the owner of the property. It is therefore always recommended that such contingencies and agreements on renovation measures be made in advance and recorded in writing.

Funding opportunities for renovation

Under certain conditions, it is possible to receive a KfW subsidy for the renovation of your bathroom. This support is granted to make the bathroom barrier-free. If at least one person lives in the household who has a care degree (Pflegegrad in German), you have the option to apply for a subsidy for barrier-free bathroom renovations. KfW grants subsidies of up to 5,000 euros for conversions that serve to make the bathroom barrier-free. The subsidy for bathroom renovation is up to about 10 percent of the eligible costs.

Grants can often save you money on bathroom renovations.

Difference between a refurbishment and renovation

Often people use the terms of refurbishment and renovation synonymously, but there are differences between the measures. Refurbishment is purely a measure to repair damage, for example, if the toilet or shower is not functional, mold needs to be removed or moisture damage needs to be eliminated. Renovation serves to restore an original condition and remove signs of wear and tear. It is a measure of visual improvement, therefore alternatively it can also be called a cosmetic repair. The third measure is modernization, which is used to bring parts of a building up to the latest structural standards and thus increase the utility value of the property. Sometimes the transitions here are also fluid, since in practice several measures, which serve both the cosmetic repair and the damage repair, are often carried out from a single source.

Average costs for bathroom renovation

The cost of a bathroom renovation depends on various factors such as the size, year of construction, and general condition of the bathroom. The question of exactly how much is to be renovated also naturally influences the financial outlay. A complete renovation is more expensive than repairing parts. For example, if only bathroom furnishings and fixtures are replaced and the bathroom renovation is to be carried out without removing tiles, you should plan on spending between 1,000 to 1,500 euros. If tiles need to be replaced, new power lines installed, and walls and ceilings painted, the amount can increase to around 5,000 euros. In principle, however, there are no upper limits. To make a bathroom barrier-free, five-figure sums of up to 20,000 euros are not unheard of.

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