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Autumn in Berlin: The best fall activities in Germany's capital

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Autumn months in Germany

The autumn season officially lasts from the end of September to the end of December in Germany, but the typical autumn weather--that is, cooling temperatures, lots of rain, and changing leaves--is most noticable from October to early November. Winter gets an early start most years in Berlin, with temperatures falling and even occasional snow showers in late November and early December. That being said, autumn isn't completely gloomy. When the sun does come out, it highlights the gorgeous colours of the changing leaves, and makes autumnal activities like pumpkin carving and apple picking all the more enjoyable.

Best spots in Berlin for autumn colours

Through the month of October you can enjoy Berlin's many beautiful parks painted in deep orange and red hues, or go on a walk through the Grunewald forest to enjoy the autumnal scenery of German woodland. But the most photogenic spots for enjoying the colours of fall are the following:

  • River Havel in Berlin-Wannsee
  • Peacock Island (Pfaueninsel)
  • Moorlake in Wannsee
  • Tiergarten
  • Berlin Weißensee
  • Lake Tornow
  • Grumsin Forest

These natural areas, which bloom green through the summer, come alive in autumn in burst of bright colours. Bring your camera and don't miss out on an Insta-worthy moment here! But besides the parks and lakes, you can also enjoy seeing ivy-covered historical buildings and tree-lined streets throughout the city of Berlin.

The best outdoor fall activities

In Berlin, most activities that you would normally enjoy outdoors, are also possible as indoor activities - with their own charm and certain advantages. In the many swimming and leisure pools dotted around the city, you can take one lane after another and in the end, you even know how far you have swum. For climbing, you don't have to drive up to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxony, but can enjoy the perfectly prepared routes in various climbing halls. And indoor minigolf becomes a very different experience under UV light. All this offers a variety of chances to preserve summer feelings under the city’s roofs.

The beautiful colours of autumn foliage can be enjoyed throughout Berlin, but especially in the city's many parks and forests.

What is there to do in Berlin in October?

In autumn, you can experience Berlin’s cultural offerings from a different perspective. Now that most people have enjoyed the summer warmth in the park or by the lake, the hour has struck for more than 175 museums and countless galleries throughout the city. Whether your interest is in the technical, historical or artistic, there is something for everyone here. If you’re more in more of a social mood, you’ll be pleased to hear that the capital's unique bar culture is flourishing. From fancy cocktails in chic surroundings to cheap beer in crumbling dive bars, there is no shortage of options. Of course, you can't miss Germany's famous Oktoberfest, which actually takes place in September. While this event is more famous in Bavaria, Berlin still offers several beer gardens in which to enjoy the festivities. Or if drinking isn’t your thing, why not head to the cinema? In addition to the big chains, Berlin also boasts many small, charming, independent cinemas with select, often international programmes.

Autumn weather is not always ideal, so why not cosy up with a favourite book at home?

Enjoy a typical German autumn

Even in autumn, the weather is often good. When the sun is shining, it invites you to take in the autumnal scents in the wonderfully colourful forests in and around the city. This is the perfect occasion for long walks, for invigorating sports, or for something a little more gentle, like going foraging for mushrooms. The parks in the city centre and especially the forests on the outskirts offer a wonderful backdrop. If it has already become cooler despite the sun's rays, you can move directly from nature to a café and warm up with tea or hot chocolate, because Berlin also combines the advantages of an urban life with closeness to nature in autumn.

Get cosy at home

And if the weather is miserable, you can simply spend the day at home. Hardly any other season tempts you to spend a Sunday on the sofa quite as much as autumn (particularly if, like us, you don't waste your thoughts on winter). In a warm and cosy atmosphere, you can pick up a good book, start a Netflix marathon with your partner, or even dig out the board games and crown the Scrabble King within the family. Regardless of what the season brings, Berlin is unique in that it offers a myriad of activities, sights, cultural events, and natural beauty year-round.

Written by:

Philipp Müller

Philipp is at home in Berlin and loves to explore the city in all its facets. Here he shares his experiences, new discoveries, and helpful tips with the readers.

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