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Before and After: My stunning makeover of a 1-room apartment

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Hello Aneta! Nice to meet you. Acquiring an investment property involves numerous considerations. What reasons led you to collaborate with ZIEGERT?

I have had positive experiences with the company in the past. So when I decided to invest in another property, I immediately contacted Aldina Ledinic. From my own experience, I know that many real estate agents lack proper consultation skills. As a principle, I now say that respect, fairness, and market experience are fundamental conditions for a successful collaboration. ZIEGERT Group provides me with these prerequisites: Aldina works diligently and communicates on an equal footing. Through her, I was able to learn more about the real estate market in a short time and make a better investment decision. I highly appreciate her focus on consultation rather than just sales. Even though the purchase of the property proved to be challenging at times, Aldina was always transparent and represented my interests. That's why I would always recommend ZIEGERT.

Thoughtful Space Concept: Curtains Allow Separation of Living, Dining, and Sleeping Areas

What requirements in terms of space, functionality, and design do you think an investment property must meet?

The central task for real estate investors is to put themselves in the shoes of potential tenants: "How would I want to live myself?" During my university studies, for example, the "basics" of an apartment were of great importance to me: separate sleeping, working, and dining areas, a multifunctional sofa, storage space, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Why did you decide to hire a professional to design the property?

Due to my profession, I am not able to personally handle the design of my property. In addition, designing smaller properties like one-room apartments can be challenging. I quickly realized that as a layperson, I lack the necessary expertise to achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing redesign of the living spaces. Therefore, I rely on the opinion of an expert. In this case, it was the experienced creative director and spatial designer Antoine Bousquet, whose vision of a minimalist yet functional apartment ultimately convinced me.

Functionality meets design with the installation of open kitchen shelves in warm wood tones

How was the collaboration with Antoine and what was important to you?

Budget management was of great importance to me. Before and during the proposal process, we exchanged our ideas about it. Transparency was also important to me, both in terms of the upcoming work process and the exact costs of different furniture items. With the help of an Excel sheet, I could track what was purchased and how much I was paying for it. The collaboration with Antoine was based on the personal recommendation of my real estate consultant, Aldina, which gave me additional trust in his work. With his calm and positive demeanor, he was able to convince me of most of his design ideas, such as using cork as flooring and the colors blue, green, and terracotta. Even though I was occasionally skeptical, I trusted him.

Place to feel comfortable: Inviting blue and ample storage create surprising accents

What advice do you give to customers who are interested in professional design for their property?

Rely on personal recommendations from friends and acquaintances for suitable service providers. Decide how much you want to spend on the redesign and communicate this amount early on. Lastly, let the expert do their job, even if your personal preferences may differ. The rentability of the property should be the main focus for both parties.

Aneta, thank you for the conversation!

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