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Handing over your apartment: A checklist for a smooth transition

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The protocol for an apartment handover

The preparation of a handover report is one of the most important parts of handing over a rented flat from the tenant to the landlord. It serves to precisely record the condition of the flat in writing and documents any cosmetic repairs or renovation work that may still need to be carried out. Defects or existing damages that are discovered during the handover of the apartment upon moving out are also listed in detail in the report. In this way, the document serves as a support for the tenant and landlord and settles all open points.

More security for tenants and landlords

When handing over a flat after moving out or when moving in, there is sometimes potential for conflict. Repairs, the amount of energy costs, the rent deposit or keys to be handed over can cause confusion as to who is responsible. Who has to bear the costs of repairs or rectification of defects? Providing documentation before the tenant moves out serves to clearly regulate who is responsible for what. Even if it is not required by law, it is advisable to draw up such an inspection report. This gives both parties a clear overview of the current condition of the flat and the work to be done. It can thus act as a disclaimer, as it assigns responsibilities. Handing over a flat without a protocol does not provide this level of security.

What to include in your handover form

In order to take all important factors into account, it makes sense to prepare a checklist for the handover of an apartment. This can serve as the basis for the report. In the handover report, all meter readings should be recorded, from the electricity meter to the water meter to the radiator. Defects are described in detail and best documented with the help of photos. Other components include the number of keys to be handed over, the condition of locks, doors and windows as well as floors, carpets or tiles. For walls, the condition of the paint or wallpaper should be checked. Serious damage such as mould must also be recorded. When handing over apartments, you should also define by which date the previous owner has to pay the ancillary costs. For the purchase of a house, further criteria should be considered. In addition to the above-mentioned factors, important documents and forms, such as invoices, delivery notes, and warranty documents should be handed over in the handover report.

Always note the condition of the apartment before handing it over.

Sample template for apartment handovers

There are numerous sample templates on the internet that can form the basis of your handover protocol. They can be used as a flat handover protocol for landlords or tenants as well as for the handover of condominiums. You can add your own individual points to a printable handover report. Since the structure of the document is usually similar everywhere, a template makes it easier to create the protocol.

Advantages of a handover report

Having a set apartment handover protocol allows the transfer of a flat to be as smooth as possible. It offers both the landlord and the tenant more security. If a move-out or move-in is imminent, it makes sense to arrange the date of the inspection as early as possible. The inspection protocol is of central importance not only for renting, but also for buying a house. When handing over condominiums, the handover date is usually agreed after payment of the purchase price. In exceptional cases this can be after the conclusion of the contract, for example if renovation work is already planned by the buyer. Regardless of whether the property is for rent or sale, a carefully formulated handover report covering all key points gives all parties involved more security. In addition, it serves as an exclusion of liability, as liability for registered damage is not possible.

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