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Best cities to live in Germany

Are you thinking about moving to Germany, but unsure which German city to call home? There is a lot to consider, from whether to live in a smaller city or a large metropolis like Berlin, along with which neighborhood to live in and what you need to know before moving. We’ve complied our 10 best blogs to help you choose where to move in Germany and everything you should consider in the process. You can read about individual cities and their neighborhoods, a breakdown in the cost-of-living in various cities and about buying an apartment as a foreigner. We help you every step of the way as you make this exciting decision of where to move in Germany!

1. Moving to Germany: A series

All about moving to Germany! Our 3-part blog series answers all your questions about your upcoming move to Germany. We walk you through the whole process, staring with choosing which Germany city to move to, navigating the first steps in your new city and finally settling into your new home. This series not only answers your important questions, like what residency permit you need, but also addresses the topics of how to meet people in your new city and the best ways to learn German. We help you every step of the way.

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2. Moving to Berlin

Now that you’ve decided to move to Berlin, our useful guide will help answer all your questions about your upcoming move. We discuss the different neighborhoods in Berlin and help you pick which one is right for you and provide some helpful tips in finding an apartment. Our guide goes into the important topics of getting your Anmeldung and how to use the BVG. We also dive into the living expenses, along with some of the highlights of living in Berlin and why Berlin is such a great city to call home.

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3. Moving to Germany: Best cities

Which German city should you call home? As you prepare for your move to Germany, the first part of our blog series helps you decide which city to move to. We discuss the pros and cons of a cosmopolitan city like Berlin, versus the quieter countryside and the value of living in various cities. We help you tackle the biggest step, finding an apartment and we discuss whether the classic Gründerzeit charm of Altbaus or the modern comfort of new builds is the best fit for you.

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4. Hamburg's best neighborhoods

Our Hamburg neighborhood profile breaks down the best neighborhood to live and buy property in. From the popular central districts of Hamburg-Mitte to the largest, green district of Bergedorf, every neighborhood has its own charm and defining characteristics. You can find highly metropolitan areas, along with quieter, more residential, family-friendly areas. With these different features come different property types at various price points. Read on to find your perfect Hamburg neighborhood!

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5. Berlin vs. Hamburg

Berlin and Hamburg are two of Germany’s largest cities, but where should you live? Learn about the advantages and distinctive features of each city. From the climate, to quality of life, to cultural experiences, both cities have much to offer. While Hamburg is a port city and has the River Elbe running through it, Berlin has many lakes and green areas throughout. Many expenses are lower in Berlin; however, Hamburg is known for having higher than average salaries. Both cities have their own distinctive culture and nightlife. Read on to find your ideal city!

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6. The best Berlin neighborhoods

Which is the best Berlin neighborhood for you? From the well-known trendy district of Neukölln to the more tranquil, traditional district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, each of the twelve districts of Berlin have their own distinct flair and characteristics. Find out which neighborhood is ideal for you with our neighborhood profiles. Read about the top attractions and things to do, along with the neighborhood feeling and living style of each of the twelve districts. Delve into the fascinating history of Berlin’s neighborhoods, as well as the current hot spots.

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7. Leipzig’s neighborhoods

Leipzig is an up-and-coming city whose neighborhoods all have their own distinct feeling and characteristics. From repurposed industrial areas to green areas with lakes and meadows to its historical center, Leipzig has something for everyone. Read about the trendy, colorful neighborhood of Leipzig-Süd and the stately, cultured neighborhood of Leipzig-Nord. Discover what each neighborhood has to offer and find your perfect district.

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8. Moving to Leipzig

Are you considering moving to central Germany, but unsure if it’s the correct move for you? Read why the Saxon metropolis, Leipzig, could be the perfect fit for you. We discuss eight reasons why moving to Leipzig could change your life. From being one of the greenest cities in Germany, to its great central location and the growing job market, to its extensive history and culture, Leipzig is a great city to call home. With its low cost of living as well, the city is even more desirable. Read on and see why Leipzig could be perfect for you!

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9. Berlin vs. Leipzig

Are you planning a move to a German city, but unsure whether to call Berlin or Leipzig home? Then this article is for you. We break down the highlights of each city and help you decide which cosmopolitan city is the best fit. We compare the quality of life, infrastructure and population growth, especially the housing expenses and property prices. Find out if Berlin or Leipzig is right for you!

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10. Cost of living in Berlin 2021

Berlin is known as an affordable city to live in, but exactly how much does it cost to live in the German capital? We break down the expenses of living in Berlin in 2021 from the average price of purchasing an apartment in each district, to the price of groceries and eating out. We also take a look at the average salary in Berlin along with looking at the differences in living expenses in the various neighborhoods. Our guide finishes with a comparison of the value of living in Berlin to other major European cities. Keep reading to see our verdict on living in Berlin!

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