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With one of the largest areas, and the smallest population, in Berlin, Spandau is somewhere with the space to relax. This is a district of green meadows, sparkling blue waters, and historic half-timbered houses, yet all within easy reach of the city centre. Famed for its Citadel fortress and lovely old town, Spandau is also historically the main area of industry and production within Berlin. Though this has declined somewhat from its peak, a number of former industrial spaces are being rededicated to residential properties.

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Tucked away in the far west of Berlin, Spandau is a fascinating place, lying somewhere in between rural idyll and heavy industry, historic buildings and modern developments. This is an area defined by its proximity to, yet separation from, Berlin at large.
Those who come here are generally relocating from the city, seeking a quieter, more peaceful life. The old town of Spandau is a calm, bourgeois, respectable community, with a lot of history, including the Citadel, one of the best-preserved Renaissance fortresses in Europe.
The further south you travel, the greener and more pastoral the landscape becomes. There is more than enough in Spandau to keep you happy, even without venturing into the city-centre (though this of course remains a 15-minute train journey away).
Residents and visitors alike flock to Spandau for its abundance of natural beauty. This is a borough defined by its ample blue and green spaces.
The River Havel runs through and along much of Spandau, offering extensive riverside frontage, and a lot of activities on the water.
To the south stretch away the picturesque green meadows of Gatow and Kladow, surrounded by alluring lakes and riverside landscape. And to the north lies Spandauer Forest, where you can walk under beautiful old oak trees and even encounter some of the local animals.
Despite the prevalence of nature and history in Spandau, it remains the location for traditional industry in Berlin. Though this may have declined from its heyday, when Siemens built an entire neighbourhood to house its workers, there are still a number of companies with operations here.
Since 1969, BMW has built all its motorbikes at its factory in Spandau, with 110,000 bikes leaving the factory each year. The lighting manufacturer OSRAM have their largest production site in the area. And Siemens itself still maintains two factories here.

Spandau's Highlights


Gaze over the river in a protected nature area

Biergarten Spandau

Enjoy a schnitzel in a traditional beer garden

Cycling along the Havel

Exercise and nature rolled into one

Gutshaus Neukladow

Concerts in beautiful surroundings

Fort Hahneberg

Former military fortress, now a popular filming location

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