A Lot to Offer: Reinickendorf

Nature & architecture

Long overlooked as a commuter city, a collection of satellite neighbourhoods, Reinickendorf, in the north-west of the city, is slowly becoming more appreciated. Though most visitors only pass through on their way to/from Tegel Airport, Reinickendorf actually has a lot of natural charms, if you’re willing to take the time to look.

Culture & Lifestyle
Initially created from 6 different villages, and now encompassing 11 localities, Reinickendorf has hugely varied offerings. Though it lacks some of the nightlife and entertainment of the more central neighbourhoods, it more than makes up for this with its variety of nature, architecture and residential areas.
From 19th century manor houses to heritage-protected Modernist housing estates, there is plenty to see for fans of architecture.
Reinickendorf’s attractions are not only brick and mortar, but grass and water. One third of the district consists of forests, parks and meadows, which is larger even than the area covered by residential properties, and the landscape is very diverse.
The Baumberge hills are sand dunes, stretching up to 62m high through the forest south of Heiligenseestraße. Greenwich Promenade stretches along one bank of the Tegeler See lake, and is perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll.
Reinickendorf is largely residential, and provides housing for a significant amount of Berlin’s workforce. It is also the site of Tegel Airport, one of Berlin’s two airports and as such a major transport hub.
There are also some larger companies with offices and operations in Reinickendorf, such as Stadler Rail, the confectioner August Storck, and even the State Mint.

Reinickendorf's Highlights

St. Constantine & Helena Church

Beautiful Russian Orthodox Church built in 1894

Dicke Marie

Huge oak tree, older than Berlin itself

Ratskeller Wittenau

Classic German cuisine served in a cosy vaulted cellar

Ernst Reuter Saal

Concert hall dating from the 1950s

Siedlung Paddenpuhl

Architecturally curious housing settlement from the 1920s

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