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Any story about Berlin has to start at the centre, at the literal middle of the city: Mitte. Full of internationally renowned heritage sights, museums and memorials, Mitte is a fascinating and varied district. In recent years, it has posted the highest population growth in the city, and is the second-largest market for apartments, with a huge population of young and international newcomers flocking to the area, particularly students and artists drawn to the art and fashion scenes. And the borough is not only about monuments to the past; the areas of Moabit and Wedding are Berlin neighbourhood life at its purest, with charming places to eat out and have drinks, and a very multi-cultural population, while the Tiergarten is one of the city’s largest urban gardens.

Culture & Lifestyle
Berlin Mitte is truly where the past, present and future all collide. Berlin’s diversity is exemplified in this neighbourhood; from chic to grungy, from business to leisure, from traditional to ultra-modern.
Some of the city’s most fashionable shops and restaurants are to be found in Mitte, as well as a dazzling array of high-cultural pursuits, such as opera and theatre, not to mention world-class museums and most of Berlin’s top tourist sights.
Yet not everything is so fancy. Exploring further afield will take you to little hole-in-the-wall bars, experimental art spaces, and simple, modest residential neighbourhoods. In Berlin Mitte, it’s possible to have it all.
Despite being located in the middle of the city, Mitte certainly isn’t lacking in nature. Berlin’s most popular park, the vast Tiergarten is often described as the lungs of the city. Covering 210 hectares, and dating back to the 16th century, it is a favourite place for Berliners to stroll amongst the trees, and relax with a beer at several waterside cafés.
There are also a number of smaller local parks scattered throughout the district, and plenty of green spaces along the banks of the river Spree and various canals, perfect for whiling away a Sunday afternoon. If you’re lucky, you may even find a sunbathing spot on the sandy beach next to Plötzensee lake.
Mitte is an economic and business hub of Berlin, with a vast array of varied companies and organisations based here. As the seat of Germany’s government, the area around the Chancellery is bustling with government bodies, and the Embassy district lies close by.
Mitte is also the location for Humboldt University, described as “the mother of all modern universities”, boasting such luminaries as Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Karl Marx.
A number of top companies from various industries have offices in Berlin Mitte, such as PwC, Pfizer, KPMG and many more.
Smaller companies are also well-supported, through several major organisations such as Berlin Innovation and Start-Up Centre and Factory Berlin. Tourism is understandably a huge industry throughout the district as well.

Explore the Area

Sprengelkiez in Wedding

In Sprengelkiez you can buy your vegetables at the weekly market or in the local organic shop. You can go to university on a skateboard. You can finish your evening run by cooling down in the Plötzensee. On the streets students dance the tango with local Späti owners. Here in Sprengelkiez, you live life the way you like it. Alternative and multicultural, green yet central, trendy but affordable: Sprengelkiez is exactly what other neighbourhoods would like to be.

Discover Sprengelkiez

Arminiuskiez in Moabit

A colourful yet harmonious neighbourhood, a peaceful idyll in a central location, a plethora of opportunities for shopping, eating, and going out: Arminiuskiez in Moabit combines all the best parts of life in the capital. Join us as we explore one of Berlin’s most beautiful and diverse residential areas.

Discover Arminiuskiez

Hansaviertel in Mitte

Though Frankfurter Allee in Berlin’s east is better-known and (arguably) more photogenic, the Hansaviertel neighbourhood played an equally large part in the architectural development of the city. Intended as an ideological rival to the socialist classicist style of the GDR’s monumental boulevard, the development of the Hansaviertel involved some of the world’s greatest architects, and was centred around a huge exhibition called Interbau. Let’s learn a little more about this fascinating and attractive area.

Discover Hansaviertel

Scheunenviertel in Mitte

In this small piece of Berlin, covering barely ½ sqkm, the architectural history of the capital can be viewed in microcosm. There are the earliest buildings of the 18th century and the idyllic Old Garrison Cemetery, the bourgeois classicist houses and the splendour of the Wilhelminian period, the only remaining department store façade of Alfred Messel and Hans Poelzig’s 1920s ensemble at the Volksbühne, the testimonies of Stalinism and the prefabricated buildings of the GDR as well as the elaborate restorations and diverse new buildings after the fall of the Wall.

Discover Scheunenviertel

Nikolaiviertel in Mitte

Having experienced such a turbulent 20th Century, it’s no wonder that Berlin is a patchwork of old and new, original and reconstructed, designed and organic. One thing Berlin seems to lack, however, is a mediaeval centre, a centuries-old maze of twisting alleyways and antiquated inns that dates to the earliest days of the city, such as you will find in many European cities. Well, that’s not entirely true. Join us as we take a stroll through the Nikolaiviertel, the original “old town” and site of the founding of Berlin 800 years ago.

Discover Nikolaiviertel
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