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Living in an attic apartment: What you should know

Attic apartments have a special flair. The sloping walls and the layout of the rooms give modern attic apartments a unique, quirky flair. In addition, you have a wonderful view of the surroundings from rooftop flats, especially in topfloor apartments with balconies. One-room, two-room and three-room attic apartments are very popular in cities.

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Definition and description

As the name suggests, the attic apartment is characterized by the fact that it is located under the roof of the residential building and is on the top floor. Since the slope of the roof must be taken into account, the usable area usually differs from that of other types of apartments. Living in the attic is characterized by sloping walls, which sometimes makes the decorating and furniture arrangement a bit more challenging. On the other hand, there is no one living above you, so you don't have to expect footsteps on the ceiling. In earlier times, the room in the attic was considered an alternative to the basement and was used as a storage room. Then people realized the appeal of this space and began to convert the attic for living purposes.

Advantages and disadvantages

An old or new attic apartment has several advantages. The view over the surrounding area, possibly even over the entire city, excites many people. In addition, there is significantly less noise on the upper floor due to the lack of through traffic. Quite a few attic apartments are equipped with a roof terrace or balcony, which is an advantage in summer and an alternative to an apartment with its own garden. However, living in the attic also comes with challenges. Due to the sloping roof, furnishing options are limited, and tall furniture and shelves are difficult to accommodate. That being said, there is plenty of ideas available online for decorating an attic apartment. In warm temperatures, apartments heat up quickly due to their location directly under the roof, especially if they are south-facing and are 1-room attic apartments - less space often means that the heat spreads all the faster. That's why it's a good idea to get information about insulation and thermal insulation before you buy an attic apartment. With an additional insulating layer, it is possible to keep an attic apartment cool during the summer.

Which apartment suits me?

Whether living with sloping ceilings is the right living arrangement for you can easily be found out with a few considerations. When deciding, take into account whether there might be any changes in your family structure in the future. Attic apartments are usually equipped with a spacious living area, but offer little retreat for individuals. Therefore, they are less suitable for families with children and shared apartments, but individuals or couples usually feel very comfortable here. If you also tend to have few large pieces of furniture or like minimalist design, the attic apartment is also the optimal choice. The large living area also offers many opportunities to be creative with interior design. If you want creative freedom, a 3-room or 4-room penthouse apartment gives you the opportunity to realize this desire.

Attic flat decorating ideas

Even though sloping ceilings make top floor apartment furnishing more challenging than other types of apartments, you can decorate the attic apartment tastefully and practically if you follow some tips. Due to the sloping walls, it makes sense to place sofas and armchairs with a low seat height. Alternatively, you can use higher seating furniture and place it further into the room. The resulting space behind the furniture can be used very well as storage space. Low and wide sideboards also serve as an option for storing items and fit harmoniously into a room with sloping ceilings. As a countermeasure in terms of summer heat, it is recommended to provide skylights with heat protection awnings from the outside to keep attic apartments cool. When lighting attic rooms, indirect sources of light have proven their worth, for example, warm light LEDs that you place in the corners. These bring enough brightness into the room and create a nice, warm ambience.

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