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Apartments for sale in Potsdam

Buying real estate in Potsdam

Now a satellite city of Berlin (16 miles to the north), Potsdam is a historic city more than 1,000 years old. Like many similar cities, Potsdam suffered a decline in population following Germany’s reunification. However, the dawn of the new millennium proved to be a significant turning point and Potsdam, also the capital of the state of Brandenburg, is now numbered among the fastest growing cities in Germany with a total population of 182,112 (2020). Furthermore, forecasts predict the Brandenburg capital’s population increase is showing no signs of slowing down: Some figures suggest Potsdam’s population may hit 220,000 by around 2035.

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An investment that pays off

As Berlin itself continues to grow, Potsdam very much follows in its wake. Yet in many senses, Potsdam’s green environment and younger population means this historical seat of the former Prussian government and royal family can benefit from the vibrant growth of Germany’s capital city without experiencing the same relentless everyday hustle and bustle. For investors interested in buying real estate, and homebuyers looking to buy a property with investment potential, Potsdam can offer a whole range of options at different price points. Those seeking upmarket homes might consider waterfront property in Potsdam; anyone sourcing a new construction project in Potsdam need look no further than the city’s nine new Stadtteile (villages); while, as a university town, Potsdam also has plenty to offer those scanning apartments for sale in Potsdam with a view to acquiring property for student accommodation.

Real estate market in Potsdam

Potsdam's real estate market

Generally speaking, Potsdam’s northern, western and central districts are where the older, historical centres are situated. However, much of the southern area of the city is occupied by far newer buildings. The city is served by the A10 and A115 motorways, and its proximity to Berlin means that its transport infrastructure, rail- and air links are very much in line with the best modern standards. Potsdam has a university with around 20,000 students, plus several colleges, and over 40 research institutes. The city is renowned as a science centre and its most prominent industries include health, life science, IT and software. The city is also one of Germany’s foremost BioTech locations. Besides all this, services and tourism are also thriving, and Potsdam’s film industry has an excellent reputation.

Buying a Potsdam apartment

Desirable residential areas

Popular locations in Potsdam include Berliner Vorstadt, Bornstedter Feld, Nördliche Innenstadt, Babelsberg and Griebnitzsee, with waterfront properties in particular attracting premium prices. As might be expected, rents and purchase prices for houses in Potsdam are more affordable in districts such as Drewitz and Eiche which are further from the city centre. While property prices in Potsdam are clearly subject to the ‘Berlin effect’, the southern portion of Potsdam city centre (Südliche Innenstadt) could be of some interest to those wanting to stay within a particular budget. Here, it is still possible to buy an apartment in Potsdam almost beside the River Havel and reasonably close to central Potsdam.

Apartment purchase in Potsdam

Discover the city of castles

Potsdam is the largest city in the German state of Brandenburg and is twinned with Versailles in France. And much like Versailles itself, Potsdam was the royal residence of the Prussian kings right up to 1918. This is one reason why so much of the modern city still consists of lakes, parks and other green spaces. The city is located at the point where the Nuthe River joins the River Havel. There are around 20 rivers and lakes in the vicinity of Potsdam, and as a result, the city boasts an extensive and very beautiful waterfront area which greatly enhances the pastoral atmosphere of its location.

Property prices in Potsdam

Interesting facts about Potsdam

Architecturally, Potsdam’s cityscape still shows some evidence of the European populations from Russia, France, Bohemia and the Netherlands who settled here over the centuries to escape persecution. This can be seen in areas of the city such as the old Dutch Quarter (Holländisches Viertel). The dominant feature of old Potsdam is undoubtedly the beauty and opulent splendour of its castles – many of which have UNESCO world heritage status. The so-called Sanssouci Palace, built by Frederick the Great in 1744 and surrounded by a vast green park and botanical garden, is a fine example of the stunning grandeur of the city’s treasures. This was originally a retreat where the Prussian monarch could spend time away from his royal duties “sans souci” (without worries) as it would have been expressed in the vernacular French spoken by the Prussian court at that time.

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With more than 35 years’ experience in the real estate business, our real estate agents in Potsdam can place a wealth of property market expertise at your disposal. Our specialist sales consultants can offer you comprehensive advice tailored to your needs, based on a professional knowledge of real estate in Potsdam and the wider markets beyond. So whether you’re seeking houses for sale in Potsdam, planning to acquire or extend a select real estate investment portfolio, or perhaps sourcing attractive financing options, we can offer you a premium service with refreshingly simple business transactions.

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Our real estate agents are there for you in Potsdam to advise and support you in your search for your new home or for an attractive, high-yield investment property. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about individual properties that come into question and, if you wish, prepare a detailed exposé for you. As experienced contact persons for all questions concerning the purchase of real estate, we advise you on all topics concerning the acquisition of your new property. Whether it is a cozy country house for your own use or a high-yield condominium for investment purposes: With our help, you will find the property that exactly meets your requirements and wishes.