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Apartments for sale in Leipzig

Apartments for sale in Leipzig

With a population of more than 605,000, Leipzig is the largest city in Saxony, and second only to (East) Berlin in the old East Germany. The city has been actively trading since the time of the Holy Roman Empire when it stood at the intersection of two major trading routes. At first, the fall of the Berlin Wall brought about the same decline as occurred elsewhere in the former East Germany. However, its fortunes began to improve around the time of the new millennium. In fact, Leipzig’s subsequent growth and development has been such that it is now rated the fastest-growing and currently eighth-largest city in Germany. Little wonder it was voted the European City of the Year in 2019 and is known everywhere in Germany as “Boomtown”.

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An investment that pays off

While, according to Savills, rents in Leipzig have increased by around 35% in the last decade, analysts point out its population has also risen significantly over that same period. More specifically, the average population increase over ten years for cities similar to Leipzig has been 6%, whereas Leipzig’s population has grown by 20%. Furthermore, the BBSR (Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development) anticipates further population growth of around 7% in this Saxon university city by 2035. The evidence from transaction volumes (Q1 2021) suggests some investors are already aware of the increasing appeal of buying property in Leipzig. So, anyone planning to buy an apartment in Leipzig, either for investment purposes or for residential occupation, may well wish to give this city close consideration.

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Leipzig's real estate market

Does Leipzig have the economy, population and infrastructure to be successful? Yes, it does! But it also has several more plus factors which make it a desirable location for buying real estate investment properties. Leipzig’s urban environment has been carefully structured to keep pace with its growth. In addition, city industries are diversified across multiple sectors. Beyond this, the primary focus is on five specific domains: media and creative, logistics, automotive and suppliers, healthcare and biotech, plus energy and the environment. Leipzig is also a member of the EU’s Smart Infrastructure Hub facilitating upcoming technology enterprises and start-ups focused on energy and IoT. This has attracted engineers, computer scientists and creatives currently involved in around 250 start-ups across the city.

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Comparing property prices

As a transport hub, Leipzig is the fifth largest European cargo airport. Its favourable position in relation to other trans-European transport corridors has encouraged the likes of DHL, Kuehne & Nagel and Lufthansa Cargo to site their bases here. Likewise, the journey to Berlin via German express rail services takes just one hour, while Frankfurt Munich and Hamburg are only three hours away. The city itself has a modern public transport system and associated services. Though Leipzig is clearly booming, it’s affordability still compares well with larger German cities – e.g. its property prices are about 40% below Berlin. There is an expanding choice of prime city locations, yet there are still bargain houses in Leipzig. Meanwhile, those looking for added-value potential might care to look at the city’s rich stock of surviving ‘Altbau’ buildings. Leipzig is favoured by both renters and buyers, and with vacancy rates down to 2%, accommodation demands will continue to rise. Of course, that means rents and real estate prices will rise too.

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A city of poets and thinkers

Leipzig’s reputation as a city of creativity of the highest order is long established. J. S. Bach’s musical star burned brightly as far back as the 17th century, heralding the start of an artistic heritage which, besides musicians of the stature of Mendelssohn, Schumann and Wagner, also includes the poets Goethe and Schiller, the philosophers Leibniz and Nietzsche, and many many others. However, the city’s fame as a cultural and artistic hub is not merely confined to the past. Present day Leipzig (now just as likely to be called ‘Hypezig’ by those who love its vibrant atmosphere) is still home to many young musicians, designers, artists, entrepreneurs and other creatives. Trendsetters are regularly spotted in the city’s nightspots, and some say the present town has developed the same feel as millennium Berlin.

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Interesting facts about Leipzig

Founded in 1409, Leipzig’s renowned university, one of the oldest in Europe, has around 30,000 students. Over the centuries it can claim to have educated many of the world’s finest minds – German chancellor Angela Merkel was also a Leipzig student. Other city educational institutions include the University of Applied Science, visual arts and theatre academies, and many research institutes. Today Leipzig is one of the foremost national and international centres of excellence for the arts, science, business and technology. So it will be no surprise to learn that international heavyweights like Siemens, DB Schenker, Porsche and BMW are just some of the brands that have also chosen to put down roots here.

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Our real estate agents in Leipzig can place more than three decades of market expertise at your disposal. Our experienced sales consultants can offer you comprehensive personal advice based on a unique blend of streetwise experience and contemporary agile market insights. So whether you’re looking to acquire or develop an exclusive real estate investment portfolio, or perhaps seeking competitive financing options, if you value transparent, down-to-earth property transactions where your needs are always paramount, then look no further. We also understand that today’s dynamic real estate market is frequently active 24/7. That’s why our flexible platform welcomes clients who prefer to manage their real estate property acquisitions via the digital domain.