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Frankfurt (Oder)

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Apartments for sale in Frankfurt Oder

Buying real estate in Frankfurt (Oder)

Perched on the west bank overlooking its river, Frankfurt (Oder) lies directly on the North-Sea-Baltic Corridor, the east-to-west route linking the Baltic Sea ports with the commercial ports of the North Sea. In many senses, this is the heart of Europe: a major hub on the trans-European transport network as well as the interface between the traditional West-European markets and the developing markets of Eastern Europe. Many businesses have already noted the strategic importance of this city, which is perhaps one reason the annual Frankfurt Oder Trade Fair is such a success. Another reason is the town’s reputation for technological expertise, ably supported by the Leibniz Institute for Innovations for High-Performance Microelectronics (IHP). This company develops broadband and wireless communication systems in use across a diverse range of sectors from aerospace through to medicine and biotechnology.

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An investment that pays off

One by-product of the post-reunification downturn, which has now become a major benefit, is the amount of land currently available for commercial development. One beneficiary, thanks to foreign investment, is Astroenergy Solarmodule, a Chinese-backed business manufacturing solar energy panels which sell to European countries. Other major companies with a presence in Frankfurt Oder include Daimler (automotive), Bayer (biotech & pharmaceuticals), SAP (computer hardware & software) and Siemens (Electronics). With relatively cheap land prices for new construction projects in Frankfurt Oder, and low rents for offices and similar industrial real estate, it seems only a matter of time before more investors come calling in a town with so much potential for the future.

Frankfurt Oder property purchase

Property market in Frankfurt (Oder)

Frankfurt Oder’s infrastructure benefits from the city’s central location: From west to east it lies on the route from Rotterdam to Moscow, while it’s north-south orientation means the direct route from the Baltic port of Szczecin to Prague also passes through the region. The town is also a major rail hub with Berlin just an hour away on the train, and Berlin-Brandenburg-International a comfortable 45-minute drive. Around 1,000 workers take advantage of the town’s good travel links and commute from Berlin every day. Frankfurt Oder has a stable population of around 57,000 (2020) and is also a university town. This educational establishment, known as the European University Viadrina Frankfurt Oder, is relatively small and has a student population of around 6,650. A high percentage of these (approx. 40%) are foreign students, with about 1,000 students from Poland alone.

Frankfurt Oder as property location

Fair prices in a growing market

Anyone planning to buy apartments in Frankfurt Oder, or looking at houses for sale in Frankfurt Oder, – perhaps as properties with investment potential – will find prices are relatively modest. For example, the price per square metre for apartments for sale in Frankfurt Oder now averages around €4,567 in the city centre, while those on the outskirts and in the suburbs average more like €3,250. Current gross rental yields are returning 4.24% for city centre properties and 3.63% for rentals in more distant locations. For comparison purposes, it should also be noted that rent levels in Frankfurt Oder are 16.44% lower than those in Berlin.

Apartments in Frankfurt Oder

Discover the city on the river

Frankfurt an der Oder is a city in Brandenburg, eastern Germany, which lies right on the border with Poland, about 50 miles east of Berlin. Situated on the west bank of the River Oder, Frankfurt looks directly across the river to the Polish town of Słubice. Up until 1945, this riverside town was itself a suburb of Frankfurt known as Dammvorstadt. Appropriately enough, modern Frankfurt is now twinned with Slubice, its nearest neighbour on the east bank of the Oder, and a bridge connects the two towns. Originally a small, West Slavic riverside settlement, Frankfurt’s entry into recorded history really begins in 1226 with the building of St. Nicholas Church – the present-day Friedenskirche

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Interesting facts about Frankfurt Oder

After changing hands several times in the later Middle Ages, the town joined the powerful North-European Hanseatic League in 1430 to enhance its security and protect its important river trade. After German reunification in 1990, the city of Frankfurt became part of the state of Brandenburg. Like many cities in the former German Democratic Republic, its fortunes at first began to decline. However, since the millennium, the city has been at the forefront of European integration initiatives. The medieval church of St. Marienkirche (1253) features a famous medieval stained-glass window. This stunning artwork is the only extant depiction of the biblical story of the Anti-Christ. Once thought lost forever, this historic work features spectacular images of winged devils, plus portraits of Satan himself.

Buying property in Frankfurt Oder

Your Frankfurt (Oder) real estate agent

Our real estate agents in Frankfurt Oder can call upon more than three decades of market expertise. Our experienced consultants can offer you comprehensive personal advice based on a unique blend of knowledge, experience and up-to-date market insights. Whether you’re looking to establish or expand an exclusive real estate investment portfolio, or seeking attractive financing options, if you value transparent property transactions clearly focused on your needs, then look no further. We also understand that today’s dynamic real estate market is never offline. That’s why our flexible platform can also accommodate clients who prefer to buy real estate primarily via the digital domain.

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A digital platform for high-quality property

From the first search to the conclusion of the contract, we are there for our customers and advise you on all questions that may arise in the context of buying real estate. We present well-maintained, renovated historic buildings as well as attractive new construction projects in Frankfurt Oder. On our website you will find all offers currently available on the real estate market. In addition, we prepare exposés on each property, accompany you on viewing appointments, and also assist you in contract negotiations. When selecting the ideal form of financing, we can inform you about each type of financing and establish contacts with credit institutions and banks. Our real estate agents have extensive knowledge of the regional real estate market and can draw on a broad network of contacts.